Durable Medical Equipment has been an area ripe with fraud for many years.  The Senior Medicare Patrol of New Jersey (SMP) is seeing many cases where Medicare beneficiaries are receiving braces (ankle, back, knee and neck) from out of area providers and ordered by doctors or other providers that the beneficiary has neither heard of […]

Charles Clarkson’s guest appearance on Aging Insights

The newest episode of Aging Insights is titled, Medicare Cards and More (Episode 83). On this program, Melissa Chalker speaks with Mary McGeary, Director of the SHIP Program at NJ Div. of Aging Services and Charles Clarkson, Project Director of Senior Medicare Patrol of NJ. Our guests remind us about all of the ins and […]

The Cost of Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud, waste and abuse costs taxpayers an estimated $60 billion a year.  When Medicare dollars are used to pay fraudsters, all taxpayers suffer. 

Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse

When Medicare providers intentionally submit claims to Medicare for services not provided, unnecessary medical services or they double bill or up-code …

Do You Worry About Your Elderly Parents?

SMP and Jewish Family Services do also. The following tips will help you protect your loved ones from being a victim of a Medicare scam…

Data Breach Puts Your Medicare Identity at Risk

“To make matters worse, Equifax is a critical partner of the Internal Revenue Service, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services…