by seniormedicare856 seniormedicare856

Durable Medical Equipment has been an area ripe with fraud for many years.  The Senior Medicare Patrol of New Jersey (SMP) is seeing many cases where Medicare beneficiaries are receiving braces (ankle, back, knee and neck) from out of area providers and ordered by doctors or other providers that the beneficiary has neither heard of or ever seen. 

If you are of victim of this fraud, please take the following steps:

  1. Report any unordered DME items as FRAUD to 1-800-MEDICARE as soon as possible. 
  2. Contact supplier about return. Return should be no cost to beneficiary. 
  3. If you return item, be sure to get a receipt for the return. 
  4. Check your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) to see the name of the ordering provider and be sure to tell 1-800-MEDICARE if you have never seen this person. 
  5. Three to four weeks after you report the fraud to 1-800-MEDICARE, you should receive an adjusted MSN showing that Medicare has approved a $0.00 amount for the claim. (This means that Medicare has or will recoup the payment.) 
  6. Report the possible fraud to the SMP of NJ.  We will need to open a file and will ask for your personal Medicare information.